Submitted by Claire W on Thu,04/05/2018

Post by: Claire Warmenbol

‘The Shape of Water’, quite symbolically the title of the movie I watched on route to Brasilia for the 8th World Water Forum, reminded me (much like the Avatar movie) about the mystery, strength and silence of nature…and the need for people to speak up for it, so as to protect and preserve it.

Aerial view of Brazilian rainforest

That is what the World Water Forum is about. Whilst access to water is a universal human right, without good governance policies, sound scientific research, strong management strategies, and robust legislation, water sources would stand no chance against the planet’s booming population bringing with it increased pollution, abstraction, and artificial alteration of natural flows.

Some may think ‘another conference’, yet I think what could be more important than water to gather a global community of engineers, scientists, policy-makers, heads of state and practitioners around? We all depend on water, there is no viable substitute. Despite many years in the job, I still consider myself privileged to be a part of that community and share in the mindset of finding solutions to the world’s most pressing

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