Submitted by Maria on Tue,10/10/2017

Post by: Martin Calisto (IUCN South America Office) and Maria C (Lindelien Global Water Programme)

The Catamayo-Chira basin straddles the Ecuadorian and Peruvian border in the south of Ecuador. It is one of the 275 transboundary basins in the world. With a population of approximately 280.000 on the Ecuadorian side and 580.000 on the Peruvian side, the basin is of huge importance to the region. The Catamayo-Chira is one of 14 basins in which the IUCN BRIDGE initiative is active. It was the location of a recent BRIDGE meeting field trip as it functions as a good example of the work that BRIDGE does fostering hydrodiplomacy and integrated water resource management across continents.Read more