Submitted by James Dalton on Tue,01/17/2017

First posted on 17 January 2017: Interview with James Dalton and Peter Newborne

Water stewardship is gaining attention. Is it working? What is best practice? Dalton & Newborne on their new report

-Private sector engagement on water management is now common; not clear as yet what good stewardship looks like
-The 'DNA' of business practice needs to change as water concerns are not cascading into business operations
-Objectives between stewardship stakeholders will always be different but need to be accepted so to be successfulRead more


Submitted by guest blogger on Fri,01/13/2017

By Andrea Erickson, Managing Director, Water Security, The Nature Conservancy

The journey of our water from source to tap is long, and not one we think much about. For most of us, our water starts high in the mountains, hundreds of miles away. From there, water flows across natural and working lands until a portion is channeled to water pipes that move water to our faucets, to farms and to various types of businesses. Most often we think of those pipes as being our main water infrastructure, but upstream lands play a key role in capturing, storing and moving our water. By conserving these lands, we can better protect our water and generate additional benefits for people and nature.Read more