WANI is the Water and Nature Initiative. WANI works in more than 12 river basins in over 30 countries worldwide. WANI unlocks the potential for healthy river basins to build climate resilience and to sustain ecosystems and livelihoods.

By sharing water fairly, we are adapting to climate change.

Inner Niger Delta

Water solutions


Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) is practical and achievable. The key is a two-track strategy where IWRM planning is complemented by pilot actions demonstrating results that address local to national priorities.


With the costs and benefits of ecosystem services valued, a business case can be made for investing in ecosystems and watersheds as natural infrastructure, as part of sustainable financing for river basin management.

Environmental flows

WANI demonstrates application of environmental flows, to support the health of aquatic ecosystems and the well-being of people who depend on them. Environmental flow regimes integrate the needs of people and nature.



The WANI toolkit series support learning on how to mainstream an ecosystems approach in water resource management and builds on practical case studies to show how key principles of sustainable water management are implemented in river basins.

Publications library

WANI publications form a key element that support the establishment of legal, economic or outreach instruments. They are at the centre of the learning process, combining learning strategies such as story-telling, teaching, testing new ideas, and staff exchanges.

Project locations

WANI supports a wide range of water-related projects in different locations around the world, working at the regional, national and local levels in IUCN operational regions across Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania and America.


Case Studies

Here you can find case studies produced by WANI. In these documents, we bring you the latest news and features from the world of water in each of our regions. WANI's case studies profile projects on the ground, while looking into the human stories behind the headlines.

WANI Regions

When it comes to water issues, every region is different. Geography, history and political agendas vary. This is reflected in the approaches and outcomes of the 7 WANI regions.


Water Cooperation

Water Cooperation is the UN designated theme for 2013. Click here and find out about IUCN's work on Water Cooperation through 'BRIDGE - Building River Dialogue and Governance'.