As our world changes around us, so does the way we communicate.

H2KNOW aims to synthesize existing knowledge, tools, and data, and combine this with new approaches to build flexible, accessible, and impactful knowledge products.

H2KNOW follows an iterative learning strategy to:

  • identify what type, format and subject(s) for knowledge exchange and learning ‘gain ground’, and how knowledge chains have influence through the networks and the broader knowledge system for water;
  • accelerate translation of knowledge on water resource management into action, in terms of how to on implement activities, build, enhance, and learn from capacity creation actions, and how new knowledge and communication approaches and tools can improve understanding;
  • develop new analyses of the ‘right’ knowledge to address the on constraints to sustainable river basin management.

H2KNOW will help to identify and accelerate the implementation of solutions for sustainable river basin management through adapting existing knowledge with new communication tools and approacher. The Platform will develop a range of products, for example:

1. Background papers, framing existing and current knowledge for current policy debates and regional dialogues on partocular challenges;

2. Issues briefs on the shape of things to come - what is new in global water governance discussions, and what does this mean, and how can existing knowledge be packaged to help provide experience into these new areas;

3. Upgrading communications: using new tools and methods that can move static knowledge products into more dynamic learning tools such as infographics, games, other media, etc., providing more information into new discussions with more diverse and broader partnerships.