Ranging from climate change to water financing, the toolkits are basic the essence of the Global Water Programme experience and learning. 


  • Climate change is here and will be with us for the long term... How will we make decisions in the face of this new uncertainty?

  • How can conflict over limited water resources turn into work towards reduced poverty, and equitably shared water?

  • How can you analyse issues and political play involved, enter negotiations, and move towards multi-stakeholder action?

  • How do the most recent practices on payments for hydrological services link to current discourse on IWRM?

  • What is the role played by policy, law and institutions in designing and implementing good governance for water resources?

  • What are the challenges and benefits of governing transboundary waters equitably and sustainably?

  • How can groundwater be managed sustainably?

  • What techniques are used for the economic valuation of ecosystem services, and how are their results incorporated in policy?