Funded by the European Union and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the SWIM- Sustain Water MED programmes overall objective is to contribute to the security of water resources supply in the Mediterranean region. it also aims to enhance and institutionalise non-conventional water resources in partnering countires.

The project partners with:

SWIM will therefore contribute in creating a network of demonstation pilot activies on on adequate wastewater treatment and reuse in 4 target countries (Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia) being implemented by the programme partners. These activities will demonstrate innovative approaches related to dierent stages of sustainable integrated wastewater treatment and reuse. The main focus will lie on the treatment of municipal wastewater for irrigation purposes.

In Jordan, the programme will help demonstrate (Jointly with the Ministry of Water and Irrigation) how treating wastewater with conventional centralized and alternative decentralized technologies can be reused in agriculture and the restoration of the environment.

In Morocco (State Secretary for Water), tackling wastewater at its source through source separation, decentralized treatment will demonstarte its efficiency in its reuse for energy and agricultural production, as well as improving rainwater harvesting.

In Tunisia (Jointly with the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture), the programme will work on controlling treated wastewater quality at storage and transfer to end users, including water quality based contracts between farmers and (waste) water providers.

In Egypt, Providing secondary treatment and applying treated water for irrigation in agriculture will be the main goal, jointly with the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation.

Demonstration activities will therefore pour into a regional aspcet of knowledge exchange and capacity building, to ensure a common approach that allows for mutual learning and the comparison of results,allowing for a common established framework.