The Water and Nature Initiative (WANI) works in more than 12 river basins in over 30 countries worldwide, unlocking the potential for healthy river basins to build climate resilience and to sustain ecosystems and livelihoods.


WANI stands for the management and protection of our water reserves and heritage for the future benefit of all. Stretching across 5 continents in 12 river basins, it brings the knowledge to governments and local communities on how to use and manage water resources more sustainably. The goal is to help reduce poverty and protect the environment by helping people to manage river flows and improving access to all communities.

From the Pangani river at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa to the mighty Mekong river in Asia and the towering volcanoes along the Tacanà river in Central America, WANI demonstration projects are supported by the development of tools for financing, governance, empowerment and information.