Improving local water governance by catching the Nile’s water in a systemic way

The Egyptian demonstration project will work on developing a very practical Decision Support System (DSS) between all water sector actors for the irrigation/drainage system in the Nile Valley. The water sector in Egypt is faced with numerous challenges while addressing already existing problems, namely: (i) escalating demands versus limited resources, (ii) deteriorating water quality, and (iii) financial sustainability. 

Where links will be sought with national-level DSS, the project will much focus on cropping pattern forecasts and calibration of water availability and demand. At the same time farmer organizations are encouraged to participate in the design of the district-level DSS to better adapt environmental cropping requirements to access to water.

System Analysis Tools (DST) for improving river water management in selected districts in Egypt

The project is implemented in the Beni Suef and Minia Governorates, where two main canals distribute the Nile’s water to the feddans. There, improved river water management and proper water allocation will lead to less use of drainage water for irrigation, thus halting loss of fertility and degradation of cultivable lands, and maintaining ecosystems.