Submitted by guest blogger on Wed, 03/14/2012

By Marta Perez de Madrid Utrilla, IUCN Central America Regional Office

I have had two intense days in Marseille, and both have been of particular interest to the work we do in Mesoamerica in terms of adaptation to climate change in ecosystems.

Yesterday we had a session for which we had been preparing for almost a year with TNC and WWF. Together we are promoting the value of ecosystems in water management in the Americas. We’ve been pulling together, from mid-2011, case studies where conservation or restoration of ecosystems has been a successful solution to Integrated Water Resource Management. Here in Marseille, we presented some of them, in a session full of participants from within the Americas Regional Process.

These solutions really make us think that our efforts are possible and achievable in the region. But the important thing is that this momentum helps us to continue working together. There are so many things to think of, everything happens on the same day and it just doesn’t stop. This morning’s session has been with the Regional Policy Dialogue on Water and Adaptation of the Americas.

Tomorrow will be exciting, because we have a conversation in the Mexico delegation on ecosystem-based adaptation, and we will present a video to raise awareness of the importance of considering the value of biodiversity and ecosystems. Particularly, I am anxious to see the public reaction to this video, and if they really get the message.




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