Submitted by guest blogger on Mon, 03/12/2012

By Dr James Dalton of IUCN’s Water Programme.

The first day of the 6th World Water Forum is coming to a close. It’s been a day of chaos and confusion for many, as first days always are.

But this is promoted as the Forum of Solutions – and I look forward to hearing them and promoting nature as a solution to some of the world’s water problems throughout the week.

So far it has been good to catch up with people and I hope that it gets more ‘international’ as the week goes on. And that it becomes better organised as things progress!

IUCN’s Director General is now in the plenary and has some good things to say on natural solutions. I am biased but there is substance to these messages and new thinking – things that have been so far missing in the earlier plenary speeches.

Nature has some of the solutions – it’s time for people to listen! And that’s from an engineer! Now outside into the sunshine for some rays and a coffee with the team.