What is WISE-UP?

The WISE-UP to Climate -'Water Infrastructure Solutions from Ecosystem Services Underpinning Climate Resilient Policies and Programmes' - aims to demonstrate natural infrastructure as a ‘nature-based solution’ for climate change adaptation and sustainable development.

Water security is critical for sustainable economic development, poverty reduction and climate change adaptation. Ecosystem services therefore need to be linked more directly and clearly into water infrastructure development to achieve climate change adaptation and integration into water, food and energy security.

The project will develop knowledge on how to use combinations of built water infrastructure (e.g. dams, levees, irrigation channels) together with natural infrastructure (e.g. wetlands, floodplains, watersheds) for poverty reduction, water-energy-food security, biodiversity conservation, and climate resilience.  WISE-UP will demonstrate the advantages of combined built and natural infrastructure approaches using dialogue with decision-makers to agree acceptable trade-offs. The project started in 2013 and will run till the end of 2017 with work focused in the Tana (Kenya) and Volta (Ghana-Burkina Faso) river basins.

How is WISE-UP structured?

The WISE-UP project is comprised of five components led by different partners: Project Coordination, Ecosystem Infrastructure Investment Analysis with three sub-components; Economic Valuation, Eco-hydrological Functions and Optimisation and System Simulation; Political Economy research, Action Learning, and Capacity Building and Communications. Using the Tana and Volta as demonstration basins, the implementing partnership of WISE-UP brings together a multi-disciplinary team of expertise. Its structure is highly interlinked - progress and outputs rely on collaboration between partners. 

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