SUSTAIN-Africa offers a unique opportunity for businesses to come together with communities, civil society and governments to design and implement mutually beneficial solutions for ecosystems and natural-resource dependent livelihoods, while ensuring sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

At the local and regional level, SUSTAIN helps business to systematically assess, minimize and mitigate impacts on biodiversity and ecosystems; and enable enterprises to integrate biodiversity values into their supply chains. At the national and global levels, SUSTAIN influence public and financial policies that support sustainable and inclusive business practices.

Business Engagement Cycle:

The Sustain Business Engagement Strategy will focus on four key areas:

  • Connect business with other progressive stakeholders and initiatives to define and implement sustainable and inclusive development in growth corridors.
  • Build partnerships among business and other actors to enhance knowledge and improve capacity for delivering solutions for water, land and ecosystem management.
  • Test new business models, which integrate biodiversity and ecosystem values, to achieve sustainable growth.
  • Inspire innovative business practices that develop markets for ecosystem goods and services through the creation of an enabling financial and public policy environment.

In its first phase, SUSTAIN has been at the forefront of various initiatives aimed at increasing business participation and awareness of sustainability issues:

Business for Sustainable Landscapes

The report, Business for Sustainable Landscapes: An action agenda for sustainable development, underscores the numerous benefits that business can realise by investing in landscapes – from reducing their environmental and social risks to protecting their assets or sourcing area by supporting vital ecosystems, such as forests, rivers and freshwater.

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